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About Me

Who Am I?

I'm Mathish Amerasinghe , currently a student of St.Anthony's College Kandy. Where i have the privilege of serving my school as it's deputy head prefect and the Antonian Eagles Rugby Captain for 2020. I was also fortunate to captain other various sports teams during my time at school. Balancing my sports and studies have taught me a great deal about discipline and multitasking. Most importantly the value of working hard to achieve and accomplish my goals successfully. In addition, to being blessed with a wonderful and successful sporting career during my time at school i have also learnt the importance of a postive self esteem and how it is essential to always maintain one. When serving my school as a prefect, i believe i developed the art of motivating my peers successfully, motivating them to be their best self and the importance of maintaining a postive self esteem.

Due to my love for sports futher to my passion for web designing and coding i have evolved to be a fitness enthusiast. As over time with experience of captaning the Rugby, Badminton and Basketball teams i learnt the importance of being physicaly healthy and fit and how it greatly impacts your overall performance. My peers would say that I'm a born leader but i would like to say I'm a great team player and i know how to get the job done effectively and successfully.


Graphic Design


Web Design





Career Aspirations

My career aspirations revolve around staying technical and staying relevant. As we live in an highly technologically diverse and advanced world. Where our future day to day needs will be catered to via Artificial intelligence. My passion for website designing, software engineering, and most importantly cyber security are at the crux of the driving forces behind my career aspirations. As i wish to be a leader and one day in the near future spearhead an organisation that helps create platforms for safer use of our online mediums so that their effective utilisation could bring the most postive outcomes for all. From the global financial sector to even the entertainment industry.

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise



  • Editorial
  • Narrative
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects

F.E Development

  • HTML / CSS
  • JS & Jquery Startup
  • Responsive Design
  • WIX
  • WordPress

Graphic Design

  • UI Design
  • Website Design
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Design

Work Specifics

  • Data Entry & Management
  • Content Creation/Editor/Writer
  • Social Media Management & Content Development
  • Blog/Journal/Creative writing
  • English Teaching
  • Fitness Training
  • Literary Criticism
My Specialty

My Skills

Graphic Design


Web Design




Work Specifics



ECU (Edith Cowan University) yet to complete.

Since 1998, ACBT has been the pioneer in Australian Higher Education in Sri Lanka, offering an integrated pathway into Edith Cowan University's undergraduate degrees. I Enrolled into Australian College of Business & Technology (ACBT) in 2019 and completed the foundation level of Diploma in Bachelor of Computer Science (Bsc), Currently working on my Diploma.

Status : Not Completed
Completion Date : 28th of August 2020
Subjects I Read on

  • English Language and Literature
  • Information Technology
  • Greek Roman Civilization

Status : Completed.
Completion Date : 19th of December 2017.
Subjects I Emphasized on

  • English Language : A
  • Roman Catholic : B
  • Sinhalese Language : C
  • Mathematics : C
  • Information Technology : A
  • Science : B
  • Geography : A
  • Western Music : A
  • History : C

Grading system for G.C.E O/L

75 - 100 - Distinction (A)
65 - 74 - Very Good Pass (B)
55 - 64 - Credit Pass (C)
35 - 54 - Simple Pass (D)
00 - 34 - Weak (Fail) (W)

I'm currently a student of St.Anthony's College Kandy . Where i have the privilege of serving my school as it's deputy head prefect and the Antonian Eagles Rugby Captain for 2020. I was also fortunate to captain other various sports teams during my time at school.
Status : Not Completed.
Date of Admission : 26th of May 2007
Completion Date : 1st of January 2021.




Billionaire, Motivational Speaker, Writter and Athlete. I know to many these goals might seem unreasonable and to some it might even be unrealistic. However, for me i strongly believe that a combination of hardwork and discipline can do wonders. They say that the sky is the limit and to never give up on your dreams. For only you can limit yourself from achieving what you want in life... and these our my goals that i will strive hard to achieve them and i am postive that i will achieve them

1 - Billionaire

Every Man's dream and goal is to be a Billionaire but only few do the work it takes to be one.. My family is my pillar of strength, they have nurtured me and blessed me with many things in life. I feel it is my duty to give back to the people who raised me and my society. My goal of becoming a billionaire is one that will help me give back to them, to society and to the less fortunate. Growing in a country which has a rich cultural heritage but struggling economy further motivates me to become a billionaire. Whereby, i can give back to the country i love and her people .

2 - Writter

Towards my years I've gatherd knowledge from various Poets, Philosophers, Authors and Experiences... having all these information and having the point of another persons view on the Greatest Three Mysteries: LIFE, DEATH AND LOVE is going to be one of my greatest assests. "For its not what others think, It's bout what you think!."

3 - Athlete

The Athlete in you is what motivates you to wake up when others are fast asleep to conqure the day... it is the Athlete in you that makes you give your 100% to the game you love not thinking about the injuries you sustaine ... it is the athlete in you that will bring out the best in you even at the darkest of times cause it has taught you survival, consistency and perseverance! being a Sportsman isn't merely about sportsmanship it equips you with tools and skills to win at life. It's a lifestyle that you choose. A lifestyle of healthy living to bring your full potential out.

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Sri Lanka, Kandy


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27 06, 2005 | Learnt.

The Logo with a Story..

This logo has been created encapsulating certain memories of my childhood that greatly inspired me and helped me build my character.
In 2005, my journey began when a certain exceptional anime was released in Sri lanka. It was none other than Naruto. Which is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Mr. Kishimoto's charaters in this anime series were inspired based on his real life experiences. This anime series is one of the highest best selling anime series in the world with a record breaking 235 million copies sold worldwide.

The story revolves around a young ninja by the name of Naruto Uzumaki, who fights through the obstacles of life having many disadvantages, yet, persevering to achieve the best possible outcome in any dire circumstance. As a young boy watching this anime series i was able to relate much of my feelings and experiences that i was going through with that of Naruto. I have learnt so much from these fictional characters. When facing various challenges in any capacity to never give up, to always push forward with perseverance. That discipline and consistency is the key to bringing the best out in you.

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They have engrained within me the value of bringing honour and respect. The importance of being a team player and that sometimes sacrifice is needed in certain areas in ones life to achieve and fulfill your goals and aspirations. To do your best in every task your given, to give it your 100% and to take pride in knowing that you have done your utmost best. I have to a great extent incorporated all of these uplifting characteristics to my life and i am ever grateful for all these memories.

To me, Naruto stood out from the rest because of his Passion and Dedication to be the best. His mantra of success being "Never will I ever go back on my word". His unending and empathic attitude to helping others who are in need has also left me with a desire to always seek out and help those around me. This logo is a tribute to all those fictional characters that gave life and light to my life. They undoubtedly inspired and ignited a passion within me to chase after my dreams and to Never Ever Give Up! no matter how serious the challenge maybe. Therefore, i am and always will be grateful to them.

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